Fashion is in constant pursuit of beauty. It is driven by a person’s desire to beautify themselves, to find their own style.

Fashion comes from the ability to create, and only perfection of execution can fully reveal it.  «BAT» it offers quality and comfort, brought to perfection.

Products «BAT», It requires at the same time a sensitive understanding, analysis of current trends and determination to determine the spirit of the times.

Every detail must be brought to perfection. And we have been working continuously to achieve this perfection – day after day, for more than 7 years.

All socks «BAT» created with special attention to detail to ensure high quality and environmental friendliness.

To make socks «BAT» have maintained their exceptional qualities and durability for a long time, stick to these simple rules:

  1. Choose products of the appropriate size.
  2. Get manicures and pedicures regularly to prevent the appearance of hooks and arrows.
  3. Put the product on carefully.
  4. Always follow the care instructions indicated on the label.
  5. Sort socks by color and wash them together with products of similar colors.

Also «BAT» presents Winter socks with a plush footprint, for increased thermoregulation. They keep their shape perfectly and do not deform after washing, thanks to a small attachment of elastane thread.

The range also includes socks for the summer season, thin, airy with a cooling effect that creates comfort when using socks.                              

         Composition: 75% cotton;  22,5% spandex;  2,5% elastane

Additionally «BAT» can create socks according to the composition and the customer’s request for every taste and color.




We used to consider socks an important part of the men’s wardrobe, paying much more attention to the predominantly female attributes of the foot wardrobe – stockings and tights. In fact, they are high-quality and really comfortable women’s socks – this is not an analogue of men’s socks, made in pink or just a bright color scheme, not fishnet knee socks with a cartoon print.

Men’s and women’s legs have different shapes: the foot of a representative of the fair sex, as a rule, is narrower and tapers to the heel – this fact is certainly taken into account at the factory producing socks under the brand «BAT».   As a result, the sock perfectly wraps around the foot – no man’s sock can repeat such an amazing effect for a lady’s foot.

In addition, a comparison of the mechanisms of thermoregulation in men and women showed that the legs of representatives of different sexes sweat differently: for example, when running, women have a predominant heating of the foot on the right, so it is advisable to place cooling zones on women’s socks there. Sports socks presented in the assortment of our store «BAT» for women, ideal for wearing under sneakers, not only have reinforced stress zones, but also other ventilated areas located differently from those on men’s socks.

Women’s skin is also highly sensitive, and therefore the possibility of allergic reactions is not excluded.
«BAT» socks for the fair sex are 75-80% made of hypoallergenic cotton, so choosing them, you don’t have to worry about your health.

High-quality socks from the Turkmen brand «BAT» do not forget that women need not only practicality, convenience and beauty, but also compliance with fashion trends. Gray and beige shades in which socks are made «BAT» the most fashionable ones today.




Even the most calm child takes a huge number of steps per day – about 10 thousand. Only high-quality «BAT» socks will be able to provide comfort and well-being, their foot will not get wet in them, their seam will not rub the skin and will not tear, and the heel and toe will withstand the abrasion test. In addition, the child’s skin, as a rule, is highly sensitive, so the issue of product safety is especially relevant. Children’s socks will look great with sandals and sandals in kindergarten, and are also suitable for home, everyday wear, sports and outdoor activities. Elastic knitwear stretches perfectly and is not covered with pellets, in addition, the material provides good ventilation due to the presence of cotton in the composition. A comfortable elastic band will prevent squeezing the baby’s leg. The catalog contains sizes for children of all ages, so you can choose high-quality socks for both kids and teenagers.

Composition: cotton 90%, polyamide 8%, elastane 2%